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Turtle Island News Publications -

TURTLE ISLAND NEWS is Canada’s only national native weekly newspaper, published every week at the Grand River Territory of the Six Nations in southern Ontario. It is a politically independent newspaper that is wholly owned and operated by Aboriginal People.

Turtle Island News is the concept of publisher Lynda Powless who has almost 30 years of experience working in mainstream media from the CBC to national newspapers. In 1994 Lynda decided to apply those skills and experience in her home community of Six Nations by launching a weekly newspaper in the basement of her home.

That newspaper has grown to a circulation of 20,000 weekly and is now Canada’s most respected national native weekly newspaper with a growing national and international readership.

Lynda, herself is one of Canada's most celebrated native journalists with numerous journalism awards from her more than 30 years working for daily newspapers across Ontario and New York, the CBC, and other mainstream media.

Lynda is one of the most experienced native journalists in Canada. She is also the proud recipient of the Native American Journalists Association's Lifetime Achievement Award for journalism.

From our meagre beginnings in the basement of her home, Turtle Island News has grown into a publications company publishing several magazines, Aboriginal Business, Aboriginal Tourism and Aboriginal Golf, along with books,.

The business has grown and it has won Lynda number of national Business Awards:

She was named to the Top 100 Most Powerful Women In Canada in November 2006.

Lynda is also the RBC Entrepreneur of the Year Award winners in the Trailblazer Category for 2005. She was one of five women chosen from across Canada.

Lynda lives in her home community of Six Nations of the Grand River, just outside of Hamilton, Ontario with her three sons.

Turtle Island News is a member of :
Native American Journalists Association
Native Journalist Association
International Committee to Protect Journalists Worldwide


Lynda Powless
Box 329, Ohsweken, Ontario, N0A 1M0
(519)445-0868 fax (519) 445-0865
Lynda Is the owner of Turtle Island News Publications, a multimedia publishing company based on the Grand River Territory of the Six Nations, publishers of the international award winning weekly newspaper TURTLE ISLAND NEWS and several magazines and has recently entered the world of book publishing.
Lynda has just been named one of 2006’s
Top 100 Most Powerful Women In Canada

a national award presented annually by the WXN, Canada’s most influential
female executive network.

Ms Powless won in the Arts and Communications category. The award is given in recognition
of women who have shaped Canadian thinking and culture through the profound
impact they have made in the Arts or Communications arenas.
The Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada are four years old and are divided into eight categories.
The Women s Executive Network presented the awards in a gala luncheon event at Toronto s convention centre. The
WXN is an 10,000 member networking and advocacy group based in Toronto, and Canada s most influential female audience.
Lynda is also a 2005 RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Trailblazer Award Winner!
The Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Awards are the biggest and most prestigious
honour for women business owners across the country.
She has been named to the First Nations Governance Institute’s Council.
Lynda is honoured to be a member of a council overseeing the first indigenous
institute dedicated to research and aiding First Nations communities as they
build their governing structures.


Haudenosaunee/Iroquois Creation Story
Generations ago, Haudenosaunee legend tells us, that Sky Woman fell through a hole in the Sky World and tumbled downward toward the earth that was covered in water. As she fell, the birds came up to hold her and bring her gently to the earth. As she and the birds fell downward, the Great Sea Turtle rose from the seas and spread his legs outward. The animals came up from the ocean bringing mud from the ocean floor, placing it on the Great Sea Turtle.

By the time Sky Woman landed on the Great Turtle's back, an island had formed...Turtle Island.

From that island came North America and the world of the First Peoples of this land.

Turtle Island News brings you the stories of these the people every week.

An international, award winning aboriginal weekly newspaper, Turtle Island News brings you news, features and events from aboriginal communities across the country.

The only NATIONAL native weekly newspaper in the country, we have been awarded the Native American Journalists' Association (NAJA) "Best Weekly Newspaper in Norh America" award.

Our editor, Lynda Powless, who has received many awards in mainstream journalism working for some of the largest newspapers and broadcasting companies in Canada, was honoured in 1997 to be the recipient of NAJA's Wassaja Award, for service to native journalism, the most prestigious award available in native journalism.

She is also the publisher of Turtle Island News. She says she decided to launch the weekly newspaper almost five years ago after recognizing a need in aboriginal communities for people to be informed of what was going on in their communities.

Since Turtle Island News has been launched she has broken new ground in native journalism, calling on aboriginal politicians to be accountable for their actions while telling the stories of our elders, artists, our prophecies as they unfold and stories of aboriginal athletes, volunteers and newsmakers.

Turtle Island News is wholly aboriginal owned and located at the Grand River Territory of the Six Nations, one of the most progressive aboriginal communities in Canada and home to the Haudenosaunee/Iroquoian peoples.

Six Nations is the only community where you will find all of the Six Nations peoples. It is home to the Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Onondaga, Seneca and Tuscarora.

It is the home of the Six Nations Haudenosaunee/Iroquois Confederacy and the customs and language of its people.

Nia:weh for visiting our website. We hope you have enjoyed reading about the First Peoples of North America, their triumphs, their sorrows and their political struggles as we bring you their stories in Turtle Island News, Canada’s fastest growing aboriginal newspaper.